Lead Data Scientist – Deep Learning + Edge AI

Job title: Lead Data Scientist – Deep Learning + Edge AI

Company: Zensar

Job description: Role: Senior Data Scientist / Lead Data Scientist (ML/DL)

Location: Bengaluru / Pune

Number of Positions: 1

Division: Zensar AIRLabs (AI Research Labs)


Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are disrupting human experiences and are fast becoming the core of enterprises. Zensar is embarking on a journey of positioning itself as an AI partner to enterprises to help them with their transformation enabled by Artificial Intelligence. Zensar is committed to invest in this AI journey and has been taking various initiatives in this regard. “Living AI” is one such initiative to transform Zensar which will also be the foundation for building core capabilities and platforms essential to enable AI led transformation. An exclusive research lab “Zensar AIRLabs” has being setup to focus on this AI enabled journey for our customers.

At Zensar AIRLabs, we innovate, perform research in various area of Artificial Intelligence to come up with high valued solutions for our customers. Zensar has unveiled an AI platform roadmap which is being built with the support of such innovation and research carried out by Zensar AIRLabs. The main focus the platform is to help customers imagine their future, and empowering them to turn it into a reality. The AI platform enables this journey of building domain specific and context specific AI solutions.

To enjoy this journey of AI enabled disruption, we are looking for a high energy Lead Data Scientist specialized in the areas of Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning (DL), and Statistical Modelling (SM).

Roles & Responsibilities:

· Architecting and Designing fast, scalable, and accurate AI solutions at scale using open source and cloud based APIs for ML/DL/NLP/CV with Edge AI and Distributed AI in focus.

· Engage customers – as a thought leader by acting as the AI consultant / advisory.

· Lead and transform the ML/DL streams in terms of innovation and solution building by creating differentiating solutions/features.

· Contribute as a leader to position Zensar in AI space by collaborating actively with other practices within Zensar.

· Building partnership with niche AI solution vendors and using them as a part of our offerings.

· Engage in Presales – solutioning – sales enablement activities.

· Build and nurture a talented pool of ML/DL specialists in practice – as a technical lead.

· Establish connects with industry stake holders and manage analyst relationships

· Contributing toward innovation by creating research work and patents.

· Able to translate state of the art research results into real world production systems


Desirable Skills:

· 5-8 years of experience in building and architecting of production ready AI solutions, majorly using Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning (DL), Statistical Modelling (SM).

· 2 years of experience in Edge AI and Distributed AI/ML.

· Experience in converting business problems to ML problems.

· Should have filed patents and written research papers, white papers in the areas of ML, DL, and SM.

· Should have experience in AI consulting, customer interaction, building relationships, helping sell the deal

· Very good hands on programming experience using Python, R, Java

· A deeper understanding of ML-DL-SM and the popular frameworks/platforms.

· Good hands-on experience in using ML, DL, Pattern Recognition, and SM for problem solving.

· Deep conceptual understanding of ML, DL, Pattern Recognition, and SM.

· DL, ML, and SM based hands-on with problem involving Classification, Clustering, Information Retrieval, Anomaly Detection, Fraud Detection

· Understanding of cloud-based APIs – like Amazon SageMaker, Azure ML APIs, GCP TesnorFlow.

· Experience in building DL based fast and scalable AI systems with little trading off in accuracy.

· Hands-on experience in problem dependent data pre-processing.

· Working knowledge about transfer learning

· Experience in building efficient AI system with smaller datasets.

· Must have experience in creating and hosting scalable Restful APIs using R / Python.

· Understanding of the appropriate evaluation metrics for AI problems.

· Experience in CUDA based Deep Learning is highly desirable.

· Experience in distributes data processing using Spark – especially Spark with MLlib.

· Exposure to recruiting, hiring, team building, mentorship.

· Building high-impact proofs-of-concept to explore problem areas, then working with dev teams to turn them into scalable solution.

· Deeper understanding of Data Structure and Algorithms

· Should be able to read academic papers, follow the math, understand the connotations, and communicate technically with experts.

· A broad background in modern technologies and how they’re used in production.

· Experience in deploying DL models on edge devices such as Google Coral or Nvidia Jetson Nano.

· Model optimization for high speed inference on edge devices

· Familiarity with Tensor RT

· Understanding of multiagent system, swarm models, reinforcement learning

Good to have:

· Understanding of Recommender Systems (RS)

· Understanding of Predictive/Prescriptive Analytics like anomaly detection, fraud detection

· Understanding of Natural Language Processing theory and frameworks (like spacy, NLTK, …)

· Understanding of Computer Vision theory and frameworks (like Dlib, OpenCV, …)

Mandatory Frameworks:

· R/Python/Java, …

· Scikit-Learn, Spark MLlib, …

· Keras, Tensorflow, Pytorch …

· Hadoop, Spark, …

· MongoDB, Cassandra, MySQL, …

· Pandas, numpy, Scipy

· Spark


· B.Tech/ M.Tech in Computer Science from IISc, IITs, IIITs, NITs, BITs or other reputed colleges. (5-8 years of relevant “Industrial experience”)


· Ph.D in Data Science from from IISc, IITs, IIITs (2-8 years of relevant “Industrial experience” post Ph.D)

Expected salary:

Location: Pune, Maharashtra – Bangalore, Karnataka

Job date: Sat, 21 Nov 2020 01:54:07 GMT

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