Lead – Talent Advisor

Job title: Lead – Talent Advisor

Company: Innovapptive

Job description: Qualities

  • Is a willful person who’s not afraid of searching for a needle in a stack of hay?
  • Love the border between 2 C’s – Customer & Candidate?
  • Is an ardent learner always looking to improve?
  • Can play nice with recruitment automation?

Locate Talent A Lead Talent Advisor must be very skilled at sourcing and finding talented individuals to meet a company’s needs. This will require for them to be active on social media forums, Specialized Platforms, Headhunt, attend career fairs, make cold calls, visit local college campuses or universities, and any other creative methods they can conceive of to locate qualified individuals. Recruiters are often competing for the same candidates so being charismatic and fostering a good relationship with these potential employees is very important.

Interview and Hire Talent – The ability to conduct interviews is essential for Lead Talent Advisor. Some will be tasked with all interviewing responsibilities while others may do an informal interview session to decide whether or not senior management should proceed with a formal interview. Regardless of their role they must have knowledge of interview techniques and be good at reading people. They must also be able to perform the hiring process which may include collecting and filing paperwork, ordering background checks, salary negotiations and providing new employee orientation assistance.

Maintain Candidate Database

Lead – Talent Advisor is tasked with maintaining a database of potential candidates. They document any phone calls, emails, or other correspondence they may have with a possible employee and note which candidate would be best for a particular position. These databases provide large companies with a healthy pool of qualified applicants. Lead – Talent Advisor will also have to keep reports and other paperwork on those they successfully hire.

Lead Talent Advisor Skills

  • Lead Talent Advisor must be exceptional communicators and great negotiators.
  • Should be organized and have an eye for detail.
  • A pleasant personality and being driven to succeed are also important factors.
  • Employers look for candidates with all of these traits as well as the traits listed here.

Core skills:

  • Proficient in Microsoft Office applications
  • Knowledge of server-based applicant tracking systems
  • Proficient with social media platforms
  • Experience in recruiting or human resources

Responsibilities – What makes you successful in this role?

  • You have to think anyway, so why not think BIG! Visualization adds value to everything – Understand Business strategy and impact it shows towards the organization
  • Having influence is not about elevating self, but about lifting others – Understand / Identify influencing factors of current & future talent needs
  • People who believe in you are the ones who listen to you – Use Talent Intelligence to identify skills and advise Business
  • Hack away at the inessentials – It’s not a daily increase, but a daily decrease – Nurture the best talent practices
  • Focus on Business results & future needs of the Business
  • Competitive Analysis & Advantage – Fully understands the talent market, spend time on competitive analysis
  • Broadening the talent scope – Partner & edify hiring managers so that retain top talent and effective branding their org
  • Marketing Experts – Use market research data and define market penetration programs
  • Priority Jobs & Talent – Help hiring managers understand which jobs and candidates have highest impact on the business
  • Data-driven approach – Lead the way with talent advice that’s based on hard data rather intuition. Use failure data analysis to identify cause of any hiring failures.
  • Best practices – Capture both internal & external talent best practices and nudge their business so that they easily remain on the leading edge of operational talent practices
  • Optimize HM time – Educate hiring managers on how effectively they can spend time on talent transactions

Expectations from the talent in this role:

Sourcing Identify the most time & cost-effective sourcing methodologies & channels. These are ‘slow burn’ so start them up now!

  • Gather recruitment requirements – current, forecast and cyclical demand
  • Review Cost per Hire – What are the biggest costs? Where can savings be made?
  • Utilise Social Media – What channels are used? Messaging? Engagement?
  • Review other sources used internally
  • Review the PSL Preferred Supplier List (Vendors) – Frequency, costs, rates, etc. Do you need all the major players on there? If not, look for niche suppliers. (With Procurement, of course!)
  • Consider direct vs. indirect sourcing. Do candidates just apply to a specific job that happens to be in your company or come to your company to see if it’s hiring?

Selecting Ensure the best selection processes & tools are in place so that every step in the selection process adds value.

  • Review performance framework – does the selection process align?
  • Review selection tools? Are they fit for purpose or just legacy tools?
  • Review process maps? Do they exists? Can they be simplified/enhanced?
  • Review Candidate Management – What are the candidate touch points/updates? Identify bottlenecks, drop-off points, etc.

Stakeholders Gain & retain buy-in from internal & external stakeholders via the use of things such as RACI, Team Charter, Team Mantra, Recruitment Forum, Feedback Requests, etc.

  • Get Clarity on defined Team structure – reporting lines, goals/objectives, ownership
  • Run through and ensure to review HR policies –Employee Relationships? Diversity? Legal?
  • Meet key stakeholders – Wider recruitment team, Hiring Unit reps, HRDs, HRBPs, recent recruits, procurement, finance, CFO, CEO, COO, etc.
  • Draw up a stakeholder map and initiate critical relationships

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Expected salary:

Location: Hyderabad, Telangana

Job date: Sat, 21 Nov 2020 00:13:03 GMT

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